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About Vygieshof

Vygieshof is a registered welfare organisation (011 891 NPO) that operates as a service of Badisa, a faith-based social welfare organisation that provides professional social welfare and development services.


At a meeting of the Dutch Reformed Church council on 11 August 1962, church leader JP Bekker drew attention to the large number of elderly people in the community and suggested that the establishment of an old age home in Calitzdorp should be seriously considered.

A commission was set up to investigate, with the help of the Afrkaner Christian Women’s Movement (ACVV). At a later meeting on 1 December 1962 the commission was expanded to include representatives of local government.

On 25 March 1965 a tender of R53 680 from Mr CJ Spies of Oudtshoorn was accepted. The date of commencement was 17 January 1966 and nine months were allocated for completion.

On 14 November 1966 the first 19 elderly people were approved, followed by another person on 22 November 1996. The residents moved in on 1 December 1966.

Today, 55 years later, Vygieshof offers residential care to 49 residents who need maximum care (sufferers of dementia, mentally and physically disabled people, and frail elderly people). Vygieshof also offers accommodation to 12 self-reliant elderly people who live in the flats on the premises.

Our Values


We put the needs, rights and interests of the consumer first.
Our service is accessible to everybody irrespective of race or religion.


We believe in treating colleagues and residents with respect at all times.
We acknowledge and respect the differences that exist between people.
We acknowledge and respect one another’s background, history and abilities.
We acknowledge and respect each person’s human dignity.
Because we respect each other, it is important to be transparent.
We appreciate each other and acknowledge each person’s contribution.


We want to offer the consumer the absolute best service.
We want to offer high quality service that includes meeting deadlines, producing careful documentation and well-planned services.
We believe that each staff member needs to be worthy of their post.
The quality of our service must be the same everywhere.


Our services must be relevant and sustainable.
We want to maintain effective communication on all levels.
We want to work together as a team on all levels of the organisation, and we undertake to built a positive spirit and culture together.
We want to maintain a style of participatory management.


We want to manage the people, money and assets available to Badisa in a responsible way.